Taian, China

ONNO hemp t-shirts are made just outside of the beautiful mountain city of Tai’an China.

Years ago, production was located in the city center. This meant that most people needed to commute 45 minutes or more to get to work.

In 2012, we decided to locate the work near the people! We now have two cut and sew locations in villages located outside of the city, where our people live. This is how apparel manufacturing is done in Germany. Move the work to people. This means average commute time is just minutes and the employees can go home for lunch, and see their kids. We also saved money on rent!

The ONNO work day begins at 8 am, and ends at 5 pm with a one hour lunch. There is no over-time. ONNO production employs about 20 people who do nothing but make ONNO t-shirts. We like that!